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How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing persuasive or argumentative essay is hard. Even, having decent writing skills and a lot of ideas on the topic you may stick with the writing itself. Why? Because persuasive essay requires creativity and you are expected to deliver not only high-quality work but also the paper which will showcase some sort of innovation convincing […]

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Things to Remember about a Correct Essay Structure

Writing a perfect essay paper means adopting a consistent series of ideas into a well-grounded argument. Usually, essays are linear, so you need to present your ideas in the order which will be the most understandable to your reader. That is why a decent essay structure is an important part of crafting a perfect paper. […]

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How to Write an Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is known to be one of the most complicated essay paper types you may need to write. That happens because while analyzing some fact or notion you still need to form the thesis statement which will be supported by the facts and evidence. So, it’s essential to learn the best practices of […]

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Tips and Tricks that Help You Start Your Essay

Everyone, at some point in their life, had to do at least an essay. Whether it was for school or for your job, you’ve asked yourself a lot of questions. How do I start? How do I engage the reader to keep reading? What are the best phrases to start an essay? All these questions […]

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How to Write a Compelling Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement can be a tricky matter. You have to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and substance, between keeping it simple and providing enough information for your readers to know what the point of your paper is. So let’s start with the basics: what is a thesis statement, where should you place […]

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Tips to Make Your Assignment Introduction Catchy and Engaging

Arguably, the most difficult part of writing an essay, assignment, or a term paper is coming up with an introduction which will capture the attention of the reader and engage them to read further. However, since your introduction needs to be relatively concise, you don’t have much room to experiment. On the other hand, it […]

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