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Things to Remember about a Correct Essay Structure

Writing a perfect essay paper means adopting a consistent series of ideas into a well-grounded argument. Usually, essays are linear, so you need to present your ideas in the order which will be the most understandable to your reader. That is why a decent essay structure is an important part of crafting a perfect paper. You need to attend to your reader’s logic.

So the structure of an essay depends on your target person or people’s logic. Usually, Australian writing services dedicate the information the reader needs to know, as well as develop the order of arguments in the most comfortable for them manner. Of course, the structure of your essay should correspond to that logic, yet, there are some basic principles of essay structure you need to follow to craft a perfect paper for your academia.

Major parts of essay paper: answering questions

The essay may contain different kinds of information that are located in various sections or parts of the paper. Even simple and short essays represent different parts of analysis: argument introduction, data analysis, counterarguments, and conclusions. Introductions and conclusions are part and parcels of a basic essay structure – any essay paper must-haves. Other parts may be different and depend on the type of essay you are writing. For example, background materials may appear at the beginning of your essay or before the passage which is relevant to them. And counterarguments can be included in a passage before the conclusion.

It’s a good idea to think about different parts of your essay as answers to different questions your reader or opponent may ask when examining your thesis statement. It’s essential to note that if your readers don’t have questions, your essay or research is a simple observation of the facts which won’t showcase your idea. Essays’ thesis is an arguable claim, not the facts observation (yet, there are some exclusions, usually indicated in the task itself).

So here are a set of questions which will help you to create a thoughtfully structured essay:


The first question you should answer writing your essay paper is “what”. What makes your thesis statement true? Have you found the evidence? The answer to this question should come up at the beginning of your essay, reporting what you have observed and demonstrating your point of view. The answer to this question should take about 1/3 of your essay paper.


You need to make sure that your reader understands in what cases your claims are true. How you represented the new view on the topic? How can you challenge a counterargument? How the used sources affect your thesis? While writing keeps in mind that your thesis may meet counterargument several times within the content and you should be able to oppose them with your pieces of evidence.


Your reader also would like to know why you have chosen this point of view. Why your interpretation matters to other people? Why your research, conclusion or statement is so important? You may address this question in the introduction of your essay papers; yet, the fullest answer should be placed in the conclusion as well. It will give your essay a good end and won’t create a feeling of something unfinished.

Essay Mapping

Essay mapping is the creation of essay writing structure which will logically lead the reader through your ideas. In most essays, types mapping can help you to create the right sequence of your evidence, arguments, and counterarguments. Moreover, it’ll help to review and re-organize your ideas and thoughts. Just write your ideas on separate sticky notes and then build a structure.

Your essay map will help you to create logically perfect plan which you can follow while writing. Remember, that your essay map should answer three questions given below: “What? How? Why?”

Signs of Issues

It’s hard to create a natural flow of the essay paper. The majority of college students are not prepared for dozens of essay tasks, that’s why cannot spend enough time on the research and planning. However, if you have gained such an experience, it becomes possible to craft an essay you need. Yet, how not to fail? What are the signs that I am in trouble?

Usually, we write walk-through essays, which don’t contain any argumentative thesis. These papers are also hard to write since the descriptive content doesn’t bring any innovation. Yet, you may make mistakes while creating a flow for such essay. Don’t overwhelm your paper with paragraph openers such as “time” words (like next, after, then) and listing words (like in addition, also, another). Sometimes they are needed, but in most cases they make your essay look unnatural. If you have a lot of them – rewrite your paper to get rid of these words.

As we see, it’s not hard to build a correct essay structure. Yet, to sound argumentative, an expert in the matter and of course understandable you need to build the structure which creates a natural flow of your ideas for the readers.