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How To Write An Essay Introductio: Tips & Tricks

Everyone, at some point in their life, had to do at least an essay. Whether it was for school or for your job, you’ve asked yourself a lot of questions. How do I start? How do I engage the reader to keep reading? What are the best phrases to start an essay?

All these questions are on everyone’s minds when faced with the challenge of making it the best. Sometimes it’s much easier to hire an essay writing service like Australian Writings and take care of everything. But there are many other ways to start an essay that will help you engage the reader and write more and more impressive essays.

Start with a Brief Statement about Your Thesis

The first paragraph is always the most important one because it should get the attention of your reader. Don’t start with phrases like: “My essay is about…” or “I wrote this essay to express my opinion about…”.

From the start, you lose your reader’s attention. It sounds like you were very bored when you started writing. You have to found the creativity that lies within you and to unleash it. Make a brief statement that will awake the curiosity of your readers.

Can You Start an Essay with a Question?

This is one of the most frequent questions that might have crossed your mind. If you want to engage the reader, is it a good way to start your essay with a question? The answer you were looking for is yes. It is recommended to start with a question.

You know what your essay will be about. Start with a short question related to the statements you will make. You can invite the reader to answer it or you can offer a brief answer that will determine the reader to go on.

Facts about Your Subject

Even though the subject you have to write about might seem boring, you can try and find some interesting facts about it. You can start the essay with a question about whether that fact is true or not and continue with your answer.

In this way, you combine both techniques recommended when starting an essay. Like this, you will always have new phrases to start an essay. And that boring and well-known start will be long gone.

Use the “engaging” tense

Let’s say you have found a creative way to start your essay. Besides all the powerful words you can use to describe your thesis, you should also pay attention to details. You can still start with a question and continue with the answer.

But, if you want to start with the story of a past incident, you have to use this trick. Use the “historical past tense”. This means you start talking about that incident as if it is happening now. For example: “My friend and I are going to the supermarket. Right in front of us is a dog which is playing with a rock.”

Like this, the reader with emerge with your character and he will continue reading to find out the final.

Use riddles or quotes

You have probably asked yourself how to start an essay introduction. Besides the suggestions listed above, you can also start with a riddle or a quote. The most important thing is to select the appropriate riddle or quote for your essay. It has to be a connection between them.

The quote, whether it is ironical or not, should send an idea about your essay. A riddle always gets the reader’s attention because it encourages him to find the answer. And like this, he will continue reading because he will also be curious about the relationship between the riddle and your essay.

Highlight contrasts

A very easy way to grab the reader’s attention is to make statements that will make the reader involve emotionally. The best way to do this is to offer contrasts. You can make a comparison between past and present events.

Or, about some fact that is false and everyone thinks it is true. More shocking the start of your essay is, more readers will continue reading. It is a simple and accessible trick to be used. And it guarantees the success of your essay.

Outline the structure

Depending on your theme, you can tell the reader what subjects your essay will cover. This is an optional trick that should be used when appropriate. For example, if you are writing an essay about how your summer was, you can skip this trick.

Being about your adventures, it is better to start without giving spoilers. It’s such a great feeling when you are discovering something by yourself step by step.

But, if your essay is about a more general subject, you can list some subheadings and some arguments that support your statements. Of course, it should be a brief introduction because all the details will be found as followed.

We have all noticed that when we have to do a thing, to start is the hardest part. A lot of ideas cross our minds and none of them seems suitable. Writing an essay begins to seem like a very demanding task. But, taking into consideration these tips and tricks, everything will seem a lot easier.

Grabbing your reader’s attention might seem the most difficult part. Start with a riddle, outline the structure or pose with a question. Your reader will be intrigued and his only desire will be to find out more. So, creativity will take the place of panic. Make this step and write the best introductions to your essays.