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Top 8 Universities in Victoria State of Australia 2018

If you start exploring the opportunity of studying in Victoria, you’ll find many nicknames for this state:

  • The home to Australian Open
  • The “four-seasons-in-one-day” state
  • Aussie’s sporting capital
  • The Formula One capital of Australia
  • The “young vibe” state

It sure sounds like a lovely place to live, doesn’t it? But why exactly do students choose this destination?

First of all, let’s talk about Melbourne. It’s ranked as one of the world’s top destinations for students. The employer activity is outstanding, and the diversity of students offers unmatched opportunities to learn and grow.

But Melbourne is not everything that Victoria has to offer. When it comes to education, this state is home to some of the finest Australian universities. In 2018, Victoria welcomed a record number of foreign students – over 200K students from 170 countries came to study here.

Now, the question is: what’s the best university in Victoria State? That depends on your needs. We’ll give you a list of 8 top universities in Victoria State, so you’ll get enough information from Australian Writings to make a final decision.

1. Monash University, Clayton

Monash University of Clayton Australia

Monash University is actually based in Melbourne, but it also has a campus in Clayton. Over 30K students are being educated there on a yearly basis.

This is a non-profit research institution that offers top-quality education. On campus, you’ll find a great variety of cultural, sporting, and educational events to be part of. Even if you don’t want to be an active athlete, you’ll still find great opportunities to get physically active. A great gym, yoga classes, aquatics, nd social sports are only part of the options at hand.

Collaborative research projects are on the main focus. That’s what makes this university one of the best ones in the world. The researchers are making positive changes in science and in people’s lives on a daily basis, and you get the opportunity to become part of that process.

Food is not a problem; you’ll find over 70 stores and restaurants across campus. At the official website, you’ll find tips on how you can eat well on a tight budget. You’ll also find vendor maps, as well as recommendations for the specials of the month.

There’s even an Instagram account called monash_foodies, where you can see photos of the great food offered on campus.

Degree Levels – Monash University

  • Undergraduate
    • Arts
    • Education
    • Business and Economics
    • Law
    • IT
    • Engineering
    • Science
    • Medicine, nursing and health
  • Double Degrees
    • You can study for two degrees at any of the eight faculties at the same time
  • Graduate DegreesAdvanced clinical nursing
    • Actuarial studies
    • Biomedical science
    • Arts research
    • Banking and finance
    • Education
    • Financial mathematics
    • International relations, and much more

Year of Creation: 1958
Address: Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia
Website: https://www.monash.edu

2. The University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

“Australia’s best university and one of the world’s finest.” That’s the description you’ll find at the official website of The University of Melbourne. It’s true. This university is constantly being ranked among the best university on a global level.

In the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, The University of Melbourne currently holds the 32nd position. It’s the best Aussie university according to the same list.

We already talked about Melbourne. Students love this city because of its youthful and artistic vibes. The Parkville campus has unique architectural features that you can explore through free guided tours before you decide to apply. In addition to the primary campus in Melbourne, the university has several rural campuses that you can also consider.

This is one of the first Aussie universities to be working on achieving a sustainable campus that involves all students in the cause. The students are constantly being encouraged to act towards greater environmental sustainability.

All kinds of facilities and services are available on campus, so you won’t even feel the need to leave it on a daily basis. That being said, it’s hard to resist Melbourne, so you’ll often find yourself spending afternoons and evenings in the center of the city.

Degree levels – University of Melbourne

  • Undergraduate
  • Architecture, building, planning, and design
  • Business and economics
  • Environment
  • Veterinary, agricultural and food sciences
  • Science
  • Music and visual and performing arts
  • Law, and more
  • Graduate
  • Over 400 graduate courses in 18 graduate schools
  • Graduate Research
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master by research

Year of creation: 1853
Address: Parkville VIC 3010, Australia
Website: https://www.unimelb.edu.au

3. RMIT University, Melbourne

RMIT University Melbourne

This is Australia largest tertiary educational institution. It’s a global university of technology, design, and enterprise. The students get focused education that prepares them to enter these industries as soon as they graduate.

The university is committed to providing its students with access to top-quality education. That’s why they are enabled to learn from some of the most acknowledged experts in their field of study. The curriculum is continuously being upgraded to the latest educational and industry trends, so the students will be ready to face the real world as soon as they gain their degrees.

RMIT is one of the top 5 Aussie universities regarding the international exchange. This means that you can tailor your studies in a way that allows you to learn and explore the world at the same time. The university has campuses in Melbourne and Vietnam, so you can definitely make your studies more interesting by moving around.

The international vibe of RMIT is very important. You’ll become part of a mixed environment that’s welcoming to all cultures and nationalities. You will gain skills to succeed in the career you choose, but you’ll also grow as a multidimensional person in an international setting.

Degree levels – RMIT University, Melbourne

  • Research programs
    • PhD (architecture, communication, health science, education, engineering, IT, and many other subject areas)
    • Master of Research
  • Postgraduate study
    • Art
    • Business
    • Architecture
    • Communication
    • Law
    • IT
    • Science
    • Health science, and more
  • Undergraduate study
    • Bachelor degrees
    • Associate degrees
    • Honours degrees
  • Vocational study
    • Certificates
    • Diplomas
    • Associate degrees
    • Apprenticeships and traineeships
    • Advanced diplomas

Year of creation: 1887
Address: 124 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Website: https://www.rmit.edu.au

4. Deakin University, Geelong

Deakin University Geelong

When you compare Geelong to Melbourne, it’s much more peaceful. There are high-density urban areas, but there are also traffic-light zones for those that prefer a more tranquil way of life.

The employment opportunities in the city are great, so you’ll have a chance to stay in the city after graduation if you like it. Let’s not forget the beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are close to your location.

But what about Deakin University? It’s a modern educational institution that prioritizes innovative digital engagement. The curriculum is focused on integrating practical skills with real-world expertise, so it will make the graduates competitive enough to hit the job markets as soon as they leave. Some of the most important companies in the country maintain an ongoing partnership with this university.

The students can take part or all of their courses online. Deakin’s Cloud Campus offers high-quality opportunities for learning. The research opportunities are also important. Deakin grows in that aspect every single year.

In addition to the Geelong Campuses (Waterfront and Waurn Ponds) and the Cloud Campus that we already mentioned, Deakin University also has campuses in Melbourne and Warrnambool. It also has offices in China, Indonesia, and South Asia.

Degree Levels – Deakin University, Geelong

  • Undergraduate
    • Education
    • Arts
    • Business
    • Commerce
    • Computer science
    • Property and real estate, and more
  • Postgraduate
    • 165 courses, including Applied learning and teaching, Accounting and law, Business administration, Education, and many more.
  • Higher Degree Research
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • Doctor of Business and law
    • Master of Engineering, and 30 other courses
  • Non-Award
    • Global science and technology program
    • Registered nurse

Year of creation: 1974
Address: 1 Gheringhap St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia
Website: http://www.deakin.edu.au

5. La Trobe University, Melbourne

La Trobe University Melbourne

This university is in the top 1.3% of universities on a global level. Australian employers give its graduates top marks. La Trobe Uni ranks above the world standard in 19 fields of research. Speaking of research, it’s one of the major strengths of the institution. The researchers from La Trobe are currently conducting groundbreaking cancer research. They found a way to fight cachexia – a muscle-wasting condition in cancer patients.

If you’re interested in this university, you can easily book a one-on-one consultation online. You’ll be paired with a counselor, who will provide all information you need about your study options. Such consultations are available for future undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher degree by research students.

In addition to the Melbourne campus, which is absolutely stunning, La Trobe also has campuses in the center of Melbourne City, Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Sydney, Shepparton, and Mildura. In addition, online studies are available for students who are interested in remote learning.

The Melbourne campus is the most attractive option, mainly because of its bushland setting. It’s very peaceful, so it allows you to fully focus on your studies. However, it’s only 14 kilometers away from Melbourne’s city center, so you’ll still get to experience all the fun you need throughout your studies.

Degree Levels – La Trobe University, Melbourne

  • Undergraduate
    • Anthropology
    • Arts
    • Asian studies
    • Botany
    • Business
    • Communication
    • Computer science
    • History
    • Law, and more (over 80 undergraduate degrees are available)
  • Postgraduate
    • Full-time and part-time, as well as online study options available
  • Research Degree
    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Professional Doctorate
    • Master’s Degree by Research, all available in multiple areas of study

Year of creation: 1964
Address: Plenty Rd & Kingsbury Dr, Bundoora VIC 3086, Australia
Website: https://www.latrobe.edu.au

6. Victoria University, Melbourne

Victoria University Melbourne

This university is located in an urban setting in Melbourne. If you choose to study there, you’ll be in the middle of all the important happenings. You can reach all the concerts, shows, exhibitions, and parties in no time, so it will be easier for you to balance out your studies with your free time.

Victoria University is known for an educational trend called block teaching. The lectures are being taught in intensive blocks. The learning is compressed and the students focus on one course before they carry on with the next block, which brings them to another course. This style of learning is effective because it doesn’t require the student’s attention to bounce from one topic to another throughout the day or week.

Since this method was implemented at Victoria University, the overall pass rate jumped from 77% to 86.8%. It’s a huge improvement, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for an innovative university that will challenge you to learn in new ways.

Victoria University is socially and culturally diverse. You’ll meet fellow students of all nations. That fact alone will make you a more accepting and collaborative individual.

The university has campuses across Melbourne’s city center and western suburbs, so you’ll easily find a setting you really like.

Degree Levels – Victoria University, Melbourne

  • Undergraduate
    • Accounting
    • Arts
    • Biomedicine
    • Building design
    • Business analytics
    • Community development
    • Dermal sciences, and many more degrees
  • Certificates
    • Design
    • Community services
    • Civil construction
    • Carpentry
    • Plumbing, and more
  • Postgraduate
    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Master of Professional Psychology
    • Master of Science, and a great number of other programs

Year of creation: 1884
Address: Ballarat Rd, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia
Website: https://www.vu.edu.au

7. Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn

Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn

The Swinburne University of Technology has many advantages that attract students. First and foremost, the university is ranked among the top three universities for student satisfaction in Victoria State. It’s over 110 years old, and it’s a leading institution in educational innovation, technology, science, design, and business.

Australian employers greatly appreciate graduates with degrees from Swinburne. The university has close relationships with industry experts and companies that welcome the most successful students right after graduation.
The Hawthorn campus, in particular, is very modern and meets every need a student could possibly have. It’s positioned only 10 minutes from Melbourne’s city center. The setting is calm and allows you to focus, but you’ll still be a moment away from the busy city life if that’s what you want. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, bookshops, banks, supermarkets and stores around the campus. The campus and its surroundings function like a small town that’s self-sufficient.

The Glenferrie railway station is very close to the campus, so you’ll easily reach any point of the city.
On campus, you’ll have access to a full range of services, including clubs and societies, prayer room, personal counseling, childcare, legal advice, learning support, games room, and more.

Degree Levels – Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn

  • Apprenticeships
    • Electrotechnology
    • Bricklaying
    • Carpentry, and more
  • Degrees and Double Degrees
    • Arts and humanities
    • Business
    • Aviation
    • Architecture
    • Education
    • Design
    • Engineering, and more
  • Master, PhD, and Graduate Study
    • Corporate governance
    • MBA (Executive)
    • Digital business management
    • Supply chain innovation
    • Social impact
    • Marketing, and more

Year of creation: 1908
Address: John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia
Website: https://www.swinburne.edu.au

8. Federation University Australia, Ballarat

Federation University Australia Ballarat

Ballarat is a town located in the Central Highlands of Victoria State. Its stunning architecture will make you fall in love from the very first sight. It’s attractive for families, mainly because the real estate prices are much lower than the ones in Melbourne. That means that it’s a much more peaceful and safer place for a student to be.

As for Federation University, it’s officially recognized as one of the finest vocational and higher education institutions in Australia.

The programs are focused on turning the students into effective global citizens, who will contribute to the development of a better, more progressive world. The study options are flexible, so you can consider studying at Federation University even if you have to work or maintain a family in the meantime.

On campus, you’ll become part of a community that’s diverse in terms of ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. It’s a friendly and supportive environment that will certainly inspire you to study more.

FedUni is also aiming towards becoming the most sustainable university in regional Australia. The students, no matter what they are studying, are being encouraged to become more environmentally conscious in all aspects of their lives.

Degree Levels – Federation University Australia, Ballarat

  • Certificates and Diplomas
    • Horticulture
    • Parks and gardens
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive vocational preparation
    • Furniture making
    • Joinery, and more
  • Undergraduate degrees
    • Arts, humanities and social sciences
    • Business
    • Engineering
    • IT
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Psychology, and more
  • Postgraduate Degrees
    • MA and PhD programs available as a continuation for almost all undergraduate programs

Year of creation: 1980
Address: University Dr, Mount Helen VIC 3350, Australia
Website: https://federation.edu.au