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Top Mistakes to Avoid Writing an Assignment

No matter how great your writing skills are, or how versed you are in areas connected to assignment crafting, a single mistake can hurt your paper and cause you to lose points. These tips should help you detect the common assignment writing mistakes, and improve your writing.

  • Introduction or conclusion is not clear. The introduction serves to introduce the topic, provide background information, and set a stage for the thesis. The conclusion must restate this thesis and summarize the points you make throughout the essay. If you fail to contain this information in a short and clear from, the reader will be unsure of what they are about to read, or what they have read.
  • Bad thesis statement. The thesis statement contains the idea of the paper. It is usually introduced at the end of your introduction and serves to give the reader an insight into what the assignment is all about. When you miss the focus of your thesis, your essay will have no clear direction or structure.
  • Arguments are not supported. All your arguments and ideas in the assignment must be clarified and somehow supported. This is accomplished through research, but you must also select the most reliable and appropriate data to illustrate each point.
  • Wrong structure. Creating a wrong assignment structure is the worst thing you can do for your paper. This is why it is recommended to create an outline beforehand – to be able to include all the points in a coherent and organized way.
  • Too much or too little information. Stop trying to cover as many topics as it can in your assignment, or focus on a single point and repeat it throughout the paper. You need to set one thesis statement and do your best to provide sufficient information to support the points.

Assignments have different requirements and structures, so make sure to read the instructions before you start writing!

The burden is very real. Students nowadays have more assignments to write than ever.

The number of assignments is not the only thing that has grown in education. In addition to the monstrosity of tasks students get on a daily basis, there is also the added issue of types of assignments that have to be finished. As it seems, students are getting a wider list of different assignment types to write, most of which are completely new and unfamiliar.

And yet, professors expect you to meet deadlines that are so tight, that you cannot possibly organize the schedules. You are left with dozens of assignments to finish, new materials to learn, and exams to prepare for. What can you do?

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The need to spend an entire night over the books on your study desk is long gone. With the invention of writing companies, ordering online is now made possible. But, you are wrong if you believe that you are always safe with writing services.

Most students rush into this, and order assignments from companies who only care to take their money. As a result, they wake up the next morning expecting to get a quality assignment and instead get a terrible piece of writing.

Sometimes it is plagiarism. Other times it is very bad writing. In the third case, it is delayed delivery. There are even those companies who don’t deliver at all, but only charge you for a non-existent service.

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