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Book Review

What to Avoid Writing a Book Review

Most students find it very hard to write a good book review. They can dedicate plenty of time to reading the book, but simply don’t know what to include and exclude from the review. Structuring and creating a good review is not easy, which is why everyone must know about the following mistakes that must be avoided in the process.

  • Summarize the book’s contents. Book reviews serve to analyze the style, content, and other features of the book, not summarize it. You may include some parts of the book to make the review more credible, but the main focus of your review should be set on the setting, theme, and effects.
  • Emphasizing the author instead of the book. You should definitely provide some background information about the writer and his or her previous work, but placing too much emphasis on this is wrong. Your biggest focus is the book itself since, after all, this is a book review.
  • Giving away the ending or the plot twists. Students often make a mistake and give away the ending or the plot twists. By doing this, they are ruining the book for the reader, assuming that the reader has not read it already. Since reviews serve to show people whether they should read a book or not, this is definitely a wrong step to take.
  • Leaving the review disorganized. A book review is just like any other academic paper – it must be properly organized for the reader to understand the content. There is no fixed structure, so you should follow the general paper structure (introduction, body, and conclusion) in your writing. Of course, that is if your professor hasn’t given you detailed instructions when assigning the book review.

Now that you know what to avoid, it is time to get to work!

Book reviews are not tough to write but are definitely troublesome in terms of research. As the student who is assigned the task to review a book, you are expected to do many things. Start with reading the book and end with proofreading the review, there are so many things on your book review checklist.

Where do you start? And most importantly, how do you find the time to read an entire book, take notes, research, write a review, and edit it? With so many things on your mind, a book review is surely the last thing you have the time to do.

You have the exams and assignments to write. Oh, so many assignments! And deadlines are so impossible, only a miracle could help you finish this one.

Well, guess what? Your miracle is right in front of you! Australianwritings.net is exactly what you needed all along, and we write book reviews, too!

Book Review Service at Australianwritings.net

Alongside the dozens of papers in our list, you can also find book reviews. This is a very peculiar paper and one that takes much time to write well. Fortunately, you can order an entire book review from our company, and you needn’t worry about this assignment any longer.

When you give us your book review task, we will do the following:

  • Check what you need – your deadline, specifics, and the book to write the review on
  • Find the book and read it, often several times
  • Take notes while doing so
  • Research about the book online
  • Create an outline based on the general book review structure, or your requirements, if any specific requests are made
  • Write the book review
  • Revise the first draft
  • Do some quality control to fix errors and ensure there is no plagiarism
  • Deliver it before your deadline ends

But, before we do all this, we need to find the writer who will do most of the job. The editing goes in the hands of our quality control department, while the writer does the research and writing part.

Our Book Review Writers

How do we select which writer will do your paper?

We don’t randomly choose a writer, or let you check out bids and select one on your own. This is a huge risk to take, and can easily end up being the wrong one. To be able to guarantee the quality we promise, we choose a writer that is a fit to your requirements.

How do we know which writer is the right fit?

We have hundreds of writers on board, each a specialist in a particular area/ type of paper. When you make the order for a book review, we attempt to find a writer who has read the book. If we cannot find such a writer, which is very improbable, we assign one with tremendous experience in writing book reviews in that field.

This writer starts working immediately. Firstly, he or she creates a plan for your review and follows this plan to meet the deadline you have set. He will do the research and read the book, all to write the review that will get you a high grade.

Each writer employed in our company has vast experience in writing papers and a degree from Master or Ph.D. studies. They are all native to Australia, but we also have English and American writers on board.

As we said, it is all up to your requirements and preferences. We look at your order and find the best writer to make it all happen.

Benefits of Our Book Review Service

You are probably wondering why to choose exactly our book review service. Here are some of the many reasons why:

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  • Delivery is guaranteed, and we are always accurate. If you choose a deadline for your review, we will respect it. No matter how tight.
  • Our agents are always ready to help you. Whenever you need help, day or night, we will assist you.

All these ‘promises’ are not promises – they are guarantees. In the case that something goes wrong, you are guaranteed free revisions or are eligible to apply for the money-back guarantee. In addition, we guarantee privacy and confidentiality, so you needn’t worry that you will be discovered.

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