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How to Write the Best Conclusion for a Dissertation

You created an outline for your dissertation, did the research and wrote the chapters. Now all that’s left to write is the conclusion, but you don’t know how to actually do this? The conclusion should summarize an entire paper and over a dozen chapters, so where do you start.

Here is a guide that should aid you in doing this:

  • Ask yourself two questions: ‘What message do I want to leave my readers with’ and ‘What action do I want my readers to take after reading my dissertation’.
  • Do the proofreading of the paper first. While doing this, you can take notes you will use to summarize the chapters. This should help you structure the conclusion while proofreading the paper, so it is a win-win step.
  • Use the notes to write the conclusion. Join the summarizes together and connect them.
  • Modify the conclusion draft. Remove things that seem unfit or disconnected to the rest of your conclusion. Leave only the main ideas.
  • Add a short section that shows the contributions.
  • Add a short section for practical implications of your research, and advise for future work or research.
  • Read the conclusion out loud to detect the errors you couldn’t find the first one.
  • Read the dissertation with the conclusion to ensure it is a right fit.
  • Ask yourself: ‘Does this conclusion grasp the idea of the dissertation?’

When you are done with all these steps, you can finally say you have finished writing your dissertation. But remember – proofreading and editing are essential to ensure that your paper is of the highest quality. Seeing that dissertations are so important, you surely wouldn’t want to miss this step, would you?

When everything else is done, the dissertation comes at the very end. After all those assignments and exams, you get to write one final task – a lengthy research paper called dissertation.

But, even though it is the last one, this does not make it an easier one. On the opposite, the dissertation is the most complicated assignment you have to write. This is understandable since, of course, it marks the end of your education at that academic institution.

When you add the anxiety because of the effect this paper has on the academic performance you will show when you get out of school, you get an impossible task to finish. What can you do?

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The quality control department will take things from here. They will check for plagiarism, edit and proofread, and make sure the flow and tone are just right.

Finally, we send the dissertation to you, ensuring to meet the deadline.

A Basic Dissertation Structure

Unless requested otherwise, we will use the basic dissertation structure in combination with your professors’ requirements. However, you can always choose to make special requests when placing the order. We fulfill all the desires of our candidates.

When our writers get the dissertation they need to write for you, they will follow this structure:

  • Introduction

This is the part where the writer provides a background, a thesis statement, and clarifies the purpose of your study. The introduction of a dissertation is lengthy, and it also contains definitions of terms related to the field, as well as the research questions.

  • Literature review

The second chapter of a dissertation serves to review the acknowledgments and the research you performed.

  • Methodology

This is one of the hardest parts of the dissertation. To write the methodology section, you need to explain the methods and resources used in the research. In a qualitative research, this chapter will expose the setting, research questions, participants, data analysis processes, and data collection processes. In a quantitative research, this chapter will focus on the hypotheses and research questions, instrumentation and collection of data, and information about the samples and the population.

  • Findings

The chapter named ‘Findings’ is the reason for the entire dissertation. All the research and methods used serve to provide you with the findings you will introduce here.

Our writers answer the research questions in a way that demonstrates your intellectual capacity. They discuss these results and explain how you got to them.

  • Conclusion

In this final chapter, the writers summarize the entire research and the study and briefly report the achieved results. In addition, our writers will add a part that explains the contribution the dissertation makes in the academic community, as well as how the findings can be implied in practice.

  • Bibliography

How we write this part will depend on the recommended citation style. To avoid plagiarism, we will include all the sources used throughout the dissertation.

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