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7 Effective Ways to Proofread Your Own Writing

Proofreading is a hard thing, especially if you need to do this in your own writing. However hard you worked on your paper, it will all go in vain unless you proofread it properly. Here are 7 highly effective ways you can implement in proofreading your writing:

  • Leverage screen and paper. Some mistakes are hard to detect because you use the same tool to proofread a text you have already written – your desktop. First, proofread the electronic version, then print out the text and read it out loud.
  • Look at the big picture. The most obvious mistakes are usually the ones we miss. Look at the big picture to make sure that no tables, illustrations, or text is misplaced or missing.
  • Trust nothing. Even if you believe you have dedicated enough time not to need proofreading, do not trust this feeling. Everyone makes mistakes, so try to read each phrase, word, and sentence knowing that you may have made an error.
  • Focus on the details. Look for punctuation errors, small word errors, numbers, symbols, scientific notations, etc.
  • Take breaks. Proofread the paper once, then take a break. Then proofread it again. Do this as many times as necessary to ensure that the paper is without a flaw.
  • Proofread several times. Proofreading once is not enough. You will be surprised at how many errors you will be found in the second or third proofreading. Until you read the paper and are certain there is nothing wrong with it, keep proofreading.
  • Proofread it backward. When you are done doing it the ‘traditional way’, start proofreading backward. Seeing each word separately instead of in a sentence or paragraph will help you detect the spelling errors.

That’s it! Be persistent and accept that you have made a mistake – this will help you improve your writing and get a high grade for your paper.

After all the steps you took to write your paper, there is one final task you must complete – proofread it. Proofreading is probably the most ‘painful’ process of them all because students rarely calculate the time they need for it when planning for the paper.

And this is not strange, either. After the research, planning, writing, and editing, you will surely feel exhausted and unable to do one more thing. No matter how small it seems, proofreading can be really troublesome.

Why troublesome? Because to proofread your own paper, you need to start looking at it from a different perspective – the one of the reader. As the paper’s writer, you are already well aware of what the context is trying to say, and finding those small, unintentional errors is often impossible.

After all, if you could notice them, you would probably not even make them when writing.

Is There a Solution?

Yes, and a great one. Writing companies are used by some of the greatest writers known. Everyone needs some help with their writing, especially when it comes to those final stages – editing and proofreading.

The second pair of eyes gives you a fresh perspective and can help you detect the problems you are not aware you have in your writing. If you hire a true expert, this will even go further to making your paper flawless, which is essential if you want to get a good grade.

The Proofreading Process at AustralianWritings.net

We have a very detailed proofreading process here at australianwritings.net. If you decide to employ one of our writers to work on your paper, he or she will do the following:

  • Perform a fast check

The fast check consists of checking proper names, figures, and facts. Such mistakes are very common and can cause grand misunderstandings in writing.

  • Seek the common errors

There are some mistakes that are present in almost every piece of writing. The second thing we do is focus on these things: homophones, inconsistency, apostrophes, double negation, double words, missing words, etc.

  • Do a spell-check

The spell-check on your computer is helpful, but you should definitely not leave the proofreading to only this. We spell-check the electronic version first, print it out if necessary, and use tricks like reading it aloud or backward.

  • Focus on one line at a time

To ensure every mistake is found, our proofreaders check the piece once again, this time focusing on one line at a time.

  • Check the formatting

Proofreading is more than just checking for errors. When we are done checking for mistakes, we will attend to format the writing. We check the fonts, sizes, numbering, column alignment, captions, footnotes, subheadings, and headlines.

Proofreading Comes Last!

Many students make the mistake of proofreading first and editing later. As a result, they end up submitting a paper that still contains errors, probably made during the editing process.

There is one very good rule about editing and proofreading – editing always comes before proofreading. When you edit the paper, you may be changing phrases, eliminating sentences, remove words, etc. Doing this causes you to make even more unintentional mistakes, which need to be proofread.

Therefore, make sure to leave proofreading for last. When you are certain that all the information in your paper belongs on the exact spot where it is, it is time for proofreading.

Don’t worry – Australian Writings offers writing, editing and proofreading services. If you need our assistance, we will help you with all the steps!

Why AustralianWritings is the Best Proofreading Company

Our reputation never lies! We have maintained the same score with students for decades because we have a quality that never ceases. Students grow and new customers come aboard, but we remain equally great at what we do.

You may be wondering – how is this possible?

Our primary focus is the happiness of the customer. When a student comes to us with a writing, proofreading or editing problem, we do everything in our power to solve this problem. This is why we have so many writers in the company, as well as a variety of deadlines you can select to have your paper done in.

When you send a paper you have written for proofreading to us, we will assign an expert proofreader to do the job for you. This proofreader will have written and proofread hundreds of papers before, which makes him or her more than qualified for the task.

Mistakes are easy to omit in writing, but not for our proofreaders. Our proofreaders pay attention to every little detail in your content, making it possible for you to deliver a paper no professor can find a flaw in.

We achieve this by following the very strict guide above, adding your specific requirements, if any, to that list. We also use the latest tools to aid us in the process – spell-checkers, grammar checkers, and even a team of proofreaders to look at a lengthier project.

Quality and privacy are guaranteed, but so is affordability. Our company proofreads papers at a very low cost, making it possible for you to send us all your assignments and ensure they are of top quality before you submit them.