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Research Paper

How to Write Compelling Abstract for Your Research Paper

Your research paper abstract has a single goal – to help the reader decide whether the paper is worth reading. Look at it like a trailer for a movie, a pivot for your research paper. As people watch trailers to see if the movie is worth watching, interested readers will screen the abstract just to see if the paper is interesting.

Because of this, you simply must write an abstract that is interesting and compelling. Here is how you do that:

  • Write the abstract after writing the paper.
  • Choose the hypotheses and major goals, as well as the conclusions from your research paper.
  • Scan the Methodology section to find some key sentences to include.
  • Take notes from the Results section to include in the abstract.
  • Arrange all this information into an abstract.
  • Make sure that the abstract does not contain information that is absent in the actual research paper.
  • Exclude any undefined group names and abbreviations, as well as unnecessary details.
  • Do not include any information about the previous literature or the references you used in the research paper.
  • Link the sentences to make a great flow of information. Check for consistency.
  • Edit and proofread the abstract. You may want to ask someone to review your abstract and tell you if it is compelling.

Writing a research paper abstract is made easy when you have these steps in mind. If you don’t have an idea of how an abstract should look, check similar papers and see how writers handled this section of their research paper. Of course, you should use your own ideas and methods you find to be inviting for the reader, too!

The name of this assignment says it all – a research paper demands hefty research from the student, in addition to the writing skills required to present that research to the reader. Since the educational system puts an accent on this particular skill, research papers seem to be assigned almost as often as essays. This makes research writing troubles common among students from all around the world.

Why do you think this is a common issue? In addition to the difficulty the research can create, a student can also struggle with time. When you have so many tasks on your mind, you may not be able to write a research paper. And even if you do, you can have troubles with finding the information you need, meeting a deadline, or turning the data you found into a well-organized paper.

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